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We dove into their content to find the underlying issues.

A content audit brought us closer to discovering what needed to change. We found that content was hard to navigate in the help centre, the articles were inconsistent in their use of media and structure, and varied in quality. There was also some Tone of Voice inconsistencies - often support articles were written like marketing content, which could be uninformative and frustrating for some users.

We also needed to consider how Customer Service Agents used the Help content. After talking to the team, it highlighted the problems they had using and finding the right content to send to customers.

A card sort showed us how to restructure the Help Centre, and user testing validated the resulting journeys.

Our card sort suggested a blended approach to the navigation - users wanted to navigate by product (ie. Broadband, TV, etc.), but also wanted the ability to also navigate by some tasks.

The resulting navigation prioritised Broadband, TV, Mobile, Bills, and Getting Started.

Project objectives

To make the online support experience easier and more informative for users in order to reduce calls to the support center;

Improve SEO and 'findability' of support content;

To reduce calls to the call centre by 4%;

Build trust with customers by providing useful information and solving problems quickly.


In the first month after launch, Virgin Media Ireland had:

A 6% drop in calls to the call centre overall;
A 63% drop in calls from the Moving Home page;
A 22% drop in calls from the Contact Us page;
And a 10% drop in calls from the Help Centre landing page.

Content & page templates

We designed and created a set of foundational templates as starting points for the majority of support content.

These narrowed down to:
Standard articles
Q&A articles
Articles with forms
Step-by-Step articles

There were also a number of articles that required bespoke designs.

In total, we consolidated the existing content into 400+ articles, covered by just 4 page templates.

Purposefully simple user interface design

Due to the findings of our research and changes made to the tone of voice guidelines, it was vital that we visually separated the support experience from that of the sales environment.

By limiting full-bleed imagery and instead using large headings and a disciplined, bright colour palette on pure white backgrounds, we achieved a boldly simplistic approach that suited the support experience.

Our use of imagery and bright colours highlighted key interactions and assisted the navigation of the content.

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